About Me

Hey there fellow foodie!

I'm Parinaaz,

An MBA Finance by education and writer by passion.

This blog is the outcome of that very basic desire to write in me, which surfaced often but never overflowed.

Many years ago this very primal need of mine gave birth to a blog called The Mango Woman (Tongue in cheek chronicles of simple lay men & women like you and me.) two posts later it died a silent death as I encountered the horrific writers block.

Fast forward four years and one baby in arms later, with continuous chiding from the mister to start writing anew, I sat at my parents' desktop P.C. and typed my first blog post a recipe for Dhansak. 

The idea was simple, I loved to write but I also loved to cook why not combine these two loves and share with you my daily trials, tribulations and culinary experiments. 

This blog not only motivates me to try new recipes and tell all of you about them, but it also does away with my '''writers block'' fear, since a food post will at least have a recipe if not a story. Surprisingly when so ever of the fifty-five times (recipes) so far that  I have put fingers to keyboard, a story has always flown from it.

On a parting note, Thank you for stopping by and giving me the gift of your precious time, it is most dearly appreciated.

I write, therefore I am...
Pariaaaz F.M.

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  1. Hi Parinaz, this is Ismat Tahseen frm the Bombay Times newsaper. I am writing a story on pickles and wanted to feature your pickle in it, please reach out to me urgently at ismatatwork@gmail.com thnks


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