Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Peanut Jaggery Ladoos

Peanut Ladoos
 There could easily be an pean dedicated to today's source of good fat.

These magical nuts are not only great for the heart by lowering bad and increasing good cholesterol, but are also great to do away with bloating and fight feelings anxiety and depression all thanks to the copious amounts of anitioxidants and Vitamin B6 that they contain.

No prizes for guessing then, that today's goodfat is the one easily available with your local grocer, supermarket, tea stall and most certainly in your own kitchen - The Peanut.

These super super nutritional Peanut Ladoos have been made and consumed in Indian kitchens since time immemorial and for good reason.

Did you know that, a mix of peanuts and jaggery together has a much higher antioxidant profile than any single fruit. Their individual advantages are of course well known to each one of us.

So make them and consume one daily, no need for that 99 percent dark chocolate piece now eh! 😉

Read on for a super simple recipe below.

You will need:

2 cups roasted (skinned) peanuts
3/4 cup grated jaggery (donot use the jaggery powder or granules)
3 cardamom pods, powdered


Transfer your peanuts to your blender or food processor.

Pulse in short bursts to get a breadcrumb like texture.

Now add in the grated jaggery and pulse again to combine.

Transfer the mixture onto a large dish, sprinkle cardamom powder over it and incorporate in well.

Take a tablespoon sized portion of the mixture and squeeze a couple of times to form a rough lump, the slowly roll into a ball within your palms.

Since its hot now, store in the refrigerator and consume within a month.

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