Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Parsi Chapat recipe (Parsi style crepes)

A simple and easy crepe, in this case Parsi Chapat (chaptu or chapat meaning flat in Gujarati) can be made in a matter of minutes, with all ingredients easily available in your pantry. These French street food staples are made all over the world by people of all races and ethnicities, with a few tweeks in flavourings and aromatics of course.

Our Parsi grannies put their own beloved spin on them by the addition of semolina flour (rava) for a change in texture and the addition of rose water (because we come from Persia, rose water is our elixir) along with our favourite flavourings of cardamom and nutmeg powders.

Often thought of being rather tricky to make vis a vis their plumper cousin the pancake, these Parsi Chapat are actually quite simple to execute. Enjoyed by the community folks with their choi (Parsi for tea) these Chapat can easily double up as a wholesome breakfast for adults and kids alike.

Over the the recipe for Parsi Chapat a.k.a crepes then,

Makes: 8 - 10 crepes

You will need:

1½ cups whole wheat flour
2 eggs
¼ cup powdered jaggery (or muscovado sugar)
1 tablespoon semolina (suji / rava)
1 tablespoon butter OR ghee (clarified butter) + more for greasing and basting
1½ cups milk
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg and green cardamom powders
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 tablespoon edible rose water OR 3 drops of rose essence
6-7 almonds
1 tablespoon chironji (charoli nuts or seeds of the Buchanania Lanzan tree)


Break eggs in a bowl, add semolina and sieve in whole wheat flour and whisk.

Add vanilla essence, rose water and muscovado sugar and whisk till the sugar dissolves.

Add 1 tablespoon ghee and whisk.

Add milk and whisk well to make a smooth batter.

Add in the cardamom and nutmeg powders.

Finely chop 3-4 almonds and add to batter along with the chironji nuts and mix well.

Heat a non-stick griddle (tawa) and grease with some ghee.

Pour a ladleful of batter and spread to make a thin disc.

Roast on both sides till golden specks appear, basting with some ghee.

Similarly, repeat the process and prepare more crepes the with remaining batter.

Sliver the remaining almonds.

Serve hot garnished with almond slivers.


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