Saturday, 28 October 2017

Nutty Kiwi Discs with Greek Yogurt

Nutty Kiwi Discs with Greek Yogurt
As the festival of lights bids adieu for the year, its time to jump back on the right track, that of consuming nutrient rich food and keeping both our weight and waist in check. This means out with all those saturated fat laden Diwali snacks and sugar laden sweetmeats and in with portion control and healthy eating.

As more and more of the aam janta (common man) are becoming more aware and disciplined with what we allow to cross our lips, we meticulously plan our breakfast, lunch and dinner to the T, but when it comes to small meals or fillers as they are better known, we tend to reach out for that oily packet of chips, pop in a cookie or two or down a fat slice of sponge cake, but creating your own personalised bite size snack is not only easy but nutritious too, these yummy dried friut Kiwi slices that I received from are delicious had on their own but pair them with a few basic ingredients and you have a healthy snack ready in 5 mins flat.

Want to know what I created with these  dried kiwi slices, then read on for the recipe below.

You will need

100 gms (1/4 cup) Dried Kiwi Slices from
5 to 7 walnut halves
5 - 6 tsps hung curd or greek yogurt
Chili flakes to sprinkle (optional)
Honey to drizzle (optional)
Salt to taste


Arrange each kiwi slice at a distance in a dish

Add 1 tsp of greek yogurt or hung curd mixed with a pinch of salt atop the kiwi slices (that has been put in a fine mesh sieve and had its water removed overnight)

To this press in one half of a walnut on each tsp of yogurt.

Drizzle with chili flakes or honey and your quick and easy snack is ready.


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