Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sun Tea

Strawberries, cherries and an angels kiss in spring,
My summer Sun tea is (not really) made from all these things,

Take off your silver spurs sandy beige loafers and let me pass this time
Oh, oh summer tea time....

Okay okay agreed that was a rather horrific rendition of Nancy Sinatra's 1966 crooner Summer Wine, but hey I a'int no lyricist fellas, I'm just a girl (okay, woman), thinking of ways to beat the 40+ degrees this summer, thinking of novel ingredients and techniques to fill my glasses with!

Now don't we all make the most of seasonal produce?. I know I over abuse the use of those bright red strawberries each winter and let no monsoon pass without making at least a dozen things with available cherries (they also make for the most beautiful garnish - note and never forget!).

Wise folks make the most of rainwater by harvesting it! and fashion bloggers make the most of the 4 pm sun, which brings us back to our task at hand for today, have you ever made use of good old, pure, golden, sun-kissed, vitamin D bearing sunlight?, I mean besides using it for drying clothes, chilies and poppadoms? No? Then here's a fun idea to try with your perennially "vacation bored" kids. Make some Sun Tea!

What is that you ask?, well Its a delicious fruit infused tea that is brewed via sunlight!

Intrigued? read on for the recipe then...

Serves : As many as you may like!

You will need:

250 ml of water per person
1 - 2 tea bags (use any flavour you have on hand) again per person
Sugar or sweetener to taste
Fresh seasonal fruits to fill up a quarter of the glass (think limes, oranges, apples, pears, mangoes)

Glass bottles, mason jars or canisters are a good way to start your brew, any other material I wouldn't suggest.

I started by filling two mason jars (read old jam bottles) with sliced oranges, limes and apples.

This was then followed by adding in two tea bags per jar.

Next I covered both the jars with their lids and put them out in the sun for 3 hours.

After the tea was steeped, I removed the teabags, put the lids back on and refrigerated the jars for an hour.

Post cooling time I added in a little sugar and viola! my sea tea was ready!

Note: This can be made for a summer party by making a large batch in an appropriately sized glass jug as well.

You will need to add all the water, fruits, sweetener and tea bags in one.

Go make yourself a tall glass today!


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