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Chegodilu – Ring Snacks from South India (Diwali Special Colab - II with Delish Potpourri and Oriya Rasoi)

Chegodilu - Ring Murukku - Diwali Faral - Snacks
"Yes yes, three of us will definitely come for your grandsons first birthday, but we'll only have starters haan, no dinner", my mothers colleague told her and she conveyed the same to me. "So count them out from the caterers head count okay?" my mum said. "Ok whatever..." I thought, but the lady in question is certainly not the only one who loves to have starters or snacks to her hearts delight and skip the main course, a good number of people thoroughly enjoy snacking on appetizers and completely side tracking the evening's meal.

Like, love or dislike (but secretly indulge) evening snacks are a crowd favourite, usually deep fried, sometimes steamed (think momos) and now-a-days baked, these mini tea time munchies are always welcome when attending a wedding, visiting relatives or having a mini chai pe charcha (tete a tete over a cup of milk tea) but the gnawing thought of adding extra love to ones ever bulging love handles constantly claws at the back of our minds.

A very interesting, insightful and hilarious book that I read and re-read is Don't lose your mind, lose your weight by celebrated nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar in which she boldly busts weight loss myths, scientifically enlightens and naughtily tickles the readers funny bone. Though all parts of the book are highly informative, a piece of information that has always stayed with me is this: Limit your intake of deep fried food, but if you must always have home cooked deep fried stuff, the oil will not be re used and soda as well as excess salt is missing. Fry- but not more than once a month.

As a rule of thumb deep frying is a big no-no in my home, for no other reason but the copious amounts of oil that gets wasted. Now resources whether bought by me or not still belong to the environment and wastage is uncalled for. However this year I made a tiny little exception to make these Diwali Ring Murukku or Chegodilu as they are known down south. Made from rice flour and roasted lentil powder and flavoured with assorted spices and/or condiments these make a crispy, crunchy snack and get polished off in minutes. What I did use was a small sized deep vessel which could accommodate only a few pieces at a time. You can however easily bake or air fry these little rings as well. 

On to the recipe now,

You will need:

1 cup rice flour
1 cup water
1 1/2 tbsps yellow moong dal (soaked in water for an hour)
1/2 tbsp cumin (jeera) seeds
1 tsp sesame (til) seeds
1 tsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp ghee or oil
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Boil water, add salt, ghee, chilli powder, sesame seeds and cumin seeds and combine with the rice flour.

Combine with water by stirring it in to form a soft dough and turn off heat immediately.

Once cool, knead the dough till smooth. Test the dough for salt before preparing chegodis.

Apply oil to your fingers and pinch a small lemon sized ball of the dough and roll into a thick rope which is approx 3-4 inches in length and form a ring by pressing the ends of the rope firmly. Prepare chegodis in this manner (as shown in the images below ) and place lid over them so that they don’t dry.

Next, heat a heavy bottomed vessel with enough oil for deep frying and once the oil is hot, place the chegodis one by one into the hot oil, you will find the oil froth up in bubbles. Let the chegodis fry on high flame till they rise to the surface.

Once the chegodis rise to the surface, turn heat to medium and cook the chegodis till they turn a golden shade. Remember the frying has to be done on medium flame to achieve that golden color and crispness. It does take a while to fry the chegodi, hence patience is required. If you reduce the flame to low, the chegodis will absorb a lot of oil so remember to keep flame on medium to high.

When they slowly turn to a golden color, turn them over gently to the other side and cook to a golden shade. Use a slotted ladle to remove onto an absorbent paper and cool. Cool completely before storing in an air tight container.


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  1. Wow !! Super awesome post. Especially loved the bit where u have mentioned "adding extra love to ones ever bulging love handles constantly claws at the back of our minds" as one can directly relate to it :)


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