Thursday, 20 October 2016

Babri Beol Thresh (Diwali Colab with Oriya Rasoi & Delish Potpourri)

Agar Firdaus bar rōy-e zamin ast, hamin ast-o hamin ast-o hamin ast
(If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here.)
- Poet Amir Khusrau on Kashmir.

A lush green landscape, calm lakes, people with golden hearts, grazing cattle, juicy apples and cool winds that kiss your cheeks, Kashmir is truly India's most glorious valley, not a soul that has experienced its beauty has left without being awestruck, captivated and mesmerised, often making a silent promise to oneself of visiting again someday...

Though I've never myself set foot on that magical land, I did have the good fortune of having a classmate from Srinagar, who often reminisced of his home, his saffron orchards and his lady love painting scene after scene of sheer beauty that I kept etching in my minds eye.

Babri Beol translates (in Kashmiri) to seeds of Babur, for that is what basil seeds (sabja seeds) were known as in ancient India, for it was the first mughal emperor, Babur who introduced these seeds to the people of the land.

A very popular beverage in Kashmir, Babri Beol Thresh (shebert) is made of simple ingredients like milk, water, basil seeds and slices of coconut. Widely sold on streets across the valley, this humble shebert comes as a welcome respite for weary merchants travelling on foot for days on end.

Babri Beol Thresh is also known as Kan Sherbat for Kan translates to precious jewels in the local language, referring to the swelled up jewel like seeds.

Presenting our very first posts' for the festival of Diwali 2016, I collaborate with my blogger friends Sweta Biswal and Saswati Hota to bring you three festival worthy beverages, read on for the my recipe...

You will need:

500 ml boiled milk (I used 250 ml)
1/2 tsp geen cardamom (elaichi) powder
A pinch of saffron (kesar) strands
25 gms chopped sliced almonds and pistachios.
25 grams of Babri Beoul/basil Seeds
1 cup (250 ml) water
2 tbsps grated dry coconut (I used 200 ml coconut milk instead)
Sugar to taste


Soak the basil seeds in 1 cup of water for 3 - 4 hrs.

Next boil milk and add cardamom powder to it.

Let the milk cool down.

Now add in the soaked basil seeds.

Next add sugar and mix well.

Lastly add grated dried coconut pieces and mix well.

Sprinkle saffron strands and sliced nuts on top and refrigerate the glasses for 5 to 6 hours.

Serve chilled.


We aren't done yet fellas, checkout Oriya Rasoi's recipe for Gondhraj Lemonade with Chia seeds here and

Delish Potpourri's Ice Creamy Gulkand Shake here.


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