Friday, 12 August 2016

Rice Paper Rolls [Independence Day Colab with Oriya Rasoi & Delish Potpourri]

What comes to your mind when you think of August 15? Another much required holiday?, a day of rest and relaxation post dropping and picking up your child from school for the customary flag hoisting? The sorry state of an "independent" nation even after 69 years of a freedom struggle that took lakhs of lives? Dressing up in the tricolor and fluttering the national flag or putting it up on your car's dashboard? what does it mean to you?

Rice Paper Rolls
To me this day plays an imaginary reel in my head, a sepia toned one where I see people dressed in khadi, shouting slogans of 'angrezon Bharat chhorro' of congregations assembling on road corners listening to motivational speeches by freedom fighters, of my grand parents (courting not yet married) standing at August Kranti Maidan in Mumbai on August Kranti Diwas watching as eminent leaders of the freedom struggle gathered a mass sea of people.

Of simple times when trams snaked through the city of Bombay, where people paid in annas not ruppaiyas... and a thought arises again, would the present population of India do what our grandparents' generation did more than a century ago? would they still have so much of love for their country to 'actually' bite the bullet? I guess these will always remain unanswered...

Moving on, independence means that you are finally free, that you are happy and thus must be celebrated with pride and gusto.

Planning to make this day cheerful? Planning some tri-color goodies for a gathering with friends?

My recipe for you today, is crazy simple and quick to make', it takes approximately a minute per roll.

I hope you like the idea and make it someday or make it this Monday ;-)

To serve 4

You will need:

A packet of rice paper rolls

A bowl of water for dipping and moistening the rolls.
1 packet of store bought ready to fry kebabs or nuggets. (Fry one per roll.)
1 large carrot (cut into juliennes)
1 large zucchini (julienned)
4-6 lettuce leaves (washed and cleaned)
Soy sauce and honey for dipping.


To roll a rice paper roll
Dip the rice paper in the warm water, place on surface.

Place fillings on paper, close to the bottom of the roll, leaving a slight margin on the sides.

Holding the paper from the bottom, pull it over and under the stuffing, tucking the stuffing closer and tighter. Don’t worry, the paper doesn’t tear easily.

After a single roll, fold the margin you’d left on the sides, inward

Roll the roll all the way.

Set aside. As it dries, it’ll soften completely and seal itself too.

Serve these with Nuoc Cham or just a simple, good soy sauce. They’re delicious, light and healthy!


Vande Mataram :-)

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  1. Wow !! Love ur sepia toned memories , especially the courting and not yet married bit :). Super easy and delicious share !

  2. Yeah. Thank you Swe. Love them. Miss them...

  3. We all have become so self centred that no way can we do what our grandparents did. They helped not only family but neighbours and the community. Love the simple yet colourful rice paper rolls.

    1. Thankyou Mayuri. Sadly what you are saying is true. People love their gadgets more than their own families now it seems....

  4. No Pari today's generation won't do what our forefathers did... too selfish.rThe rice paper rolls r simple yet different and perfect for this special day.

    1. Thank you Sas. Yeah sad but true. I cant imagine anyone having so much love for their country now. Save for the defence forces God Bless them always...

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