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Eeda Chutney na Pattice (Egg and Chutney Croquettes) ~A Healthier Way! [Monsoon Special Colab with Oriya Rasoi & Delish Potpourri]

Parsi Eeda Chutney na Pattice ~ Parsi Egg and Chutney Croquettes

Parsi Cuisine is an interesting blend of Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Persian and British fare. As the early Zoroastrian setters migrated from erstwhile Persia they landed in India via boats on the coast of a small town known as Surat in Gujarat, this explains the influence of the state on our mother tongue i.e. Gujarati and our foods like khichdi, various winter fudges, summer pickles and snacks like patra and pattice's.

As men set out to look for work they travelled to the closest commercial port city of Bombay, here Parsi food was influenced by coastal dishes like fish curries and vinegar-ed gravies.

Steamed modaks served to Lord Ganesha were morphed by the Parsis into the Pagg Laadoo (Feet Laddoos) and used exclusively for the Pagg Laaddoo ceremony, one which is held when a child starts walking.
Pagg Laaddoo Image Source
As we ethnically belong to erstwhile Persia (modern day Iran) a lot of dishes borrow heavily from them as well, ones like Falooda, Bharuchi Akuri (spiced scrambled eggs laced with copious amount of dry fruits) and Jardaloo (dried apricots) Sali Boti being prominent ones.

As the British Raj gained prominence in India, like many old timers, people from the Parsi community too worked in British run establishments and interacted on a daily basis with the sahebs. Parsi dishes like the iconic Lagan nu Custard is one such dessert that was influenced by the Raj.

Its a cool grey evening in July as I sit and type this post, and it hasn't stopped raining here in Pune since over 24 hours now. Such a 'rain locked' evening calls for some strong mint tea and some Parsi snacks.

The Eeda Chutney na Pattice borrow their foundation from Gujarati farali pattice recipes, where fillings are filled into a cup of mashed potatoes which is then closed, rolled in semolina flour and deep fried till crisp.

The Parsis' love for eggs is legendary and stuffing, topping, breaking or dipping, with, on or in eggs is commonplace.

Keeping the seasoned boiled potato outer layer but doing away with the farali stuffing, the Parsis stuff their patties with green hot and spicy coriander, mint and coconut chutney and what else but an entire (yes one whole) egg, then dip them in a whisked egg, roll in semolina flour and deep fry.

I am a Parsi no doubt but I live in the modern ages and deep fried food is a strict no no in my opinion. I even shallow fry my bhajjias (chickpea flour fritters) but that's another story.

Thinking yummy but acting healthy, I've divided one hard boiled egg into eight parts and cooked the patties in an appe pan, using just 3 mls of oil per pattie. I bought mine off Amazon, here's the link.

So ready for an indulgent treat?

Here's the recipe,
You will need:
1 eggs, boiled, shelled and cut into eight
500 gms/ 1 lb potatoes, boiled, peeled and smoothly mashed
Salt, to taste
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1/4 cup bread crumbs
1 egg, beaten
3 tsps oil

For the Chutney:
1 tbsp dessicated coconut
1 cup coriander leaves
1/4 cup mint leaves
2-3 green chilies
1 tsp garlic paste (or equivalent garlic cloves)
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds (jeera)
Juice of half a lime
Salt, to taste
Sugar, to taste

Method for Chutney:

Grind all the ingredients in a grinder jar into a thick chutney, add water a tbsp at a time if required.

Keep aside.

Method for the Patties:

Season the mashed potatoes with salt and pepper powder.

In the palm of your hands take a big lump of mashed potato and shape it to form a deep cup.

Add half  a tsp of chutney followed by one piece of the boiled egg and carefully work your way to closing the cup to form a pattie.

Set the made pattie onto a plate.

Repeat till all the potatoes and eggs are used up.

Now dip each pattie into a whisked egg and then roll in bread crumbs.

In an appe pan pour in 1/2 tsp oil into each cavity

Now gently put one pattie into each cavity and cook on medium for 3-4 mins on each side. Cover with a lid.

Now turn the pattie to cook the underside for 3 - 4 mins again.

Remove onto a paper towel.

Serve hot with some fudna ni choi (Mint milk tea) and some hot rotlis (chapatis)

Don't forget to thank the Lord for his kind graces and the rain that he has so graciously sent.


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  1. I have to start trying your dishes one by one..Parsi cuisine has always attracted me.Yummy looking croquettes.

  2. Wow! Who would have thought we can make the Chutney eda Patrice in an appe pan! Great idea!!!

    1. Yup. Now you have one more reason to use your appe pan 😊😊


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