Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Thick Potato and Leek Soup (Minus the Cream)

We find comfort in many things. In the soft caress of our mothers hand gently soothing us to sleep on a rather tired day. In the warm bear hug from our fathers cheering us onward when we announce a new achievement big or small. In the green light on a digi thermometer indicating that our child is fever free since more than twelve hours. In listening to our favourite song on the radio as we drive through and brave thick city traffic, or in curling up with a favourite book on a cold gloomy day, knowing that for the moment you need no other company.

Yes, we find comfort in a myriad of things. Things which enrich, engulf and ease our mind and soul.

But something which brings are most comfort in any and every situation, be it good or bad, happy or sad is, food.

Food not only comforts us physically but, psychologically as well.

Many a pean have been written on comfort foods, oft at the cost of better judgement and good health.

But comfort food doesn't always need to be unhealthy or guilt inducing.

I probably have written this in all my posts thus far, but being a mum, my most consuming thought is the overall well-being of my toddler, and knowing that he has eaten wholesome and enriching, nutritious food gives me utmost 'comfort' and satisfaction.

A week or two ago, with the vagarious temperament of the weather my son was keeping unwell, so I thought of giving him a light and nutritious meal for a quick recovery.

Soups whether broths or cremes are comforting to one and all, young or old, body, mind and soul.

This thick potato soup is made with simple readily available ingredients and does not take more than 30 mins to make.

Over to the recipe.

Serves 2

You will need

5 medium sized potatoes
5 small green onions (or 3 leeks)
6-7 garlic cloves
1 celery stalk
2 tbsps oil
1/2 tsp pepper powder
1 heaped tsp mixed herbs
1 cube chicken or vegetable stock
3 cups or less water
2 tbsps (Boiled and shredded chicken or boiled and diced vegetables)
2 tsps (herbed or plain)butter
Salt to taste


- Deskin the potatoes and pressure cook them, until soft and mash able (3 whistles and a 10 min simmer)

- In a separate pan lightly fry chopped green onions (or leeks) and celery until the onions loose their raw smell.

- Next add in roughly chopped garlic, saute till it emits a lovely aroma.

- Add in your favourite herbs and saute for a minute more.

- Turn off the heat and allow to cool

- Next blend all the ingredients of the pan and the boiled potatoes along with a little water, till it comes to a pourable consistency.

- Transfer the contents of the blender back to the pan, add in a tsp of herbed (or plain) butter, add in the stock cube and remaining water and allow to bubble till the soup comes to your desired level of thickness.

- Transfer to soup bowls.

- Garnish with pepper powder, finely chopped leeks and shredded chicken or diced vegetables of your choice.

- Serve with croutons, bread sticks or veggie sticks.

And there you have it, easy, no fuss, smooth, creamy (sans cream or refined flour) , dreamy and comforting Potato and Leek Soup.



1. You can easily customise this soup as per your preference, I added a little shredded chicken as I like its texture with soup. Traditionally potato soup is had with fried bacon. The onions and veggies then fried in the bacon grease. This is then topped with a generous amount of cream. I however wanted a healthy version, hence have omitted the bacon and cream.

2. I also suggest lightly tossing a slice of bread cut lengthwise in garlic butter to make the croutons, these dipped in the soup will guaranteed make you go mmmmmmmmmmm...........

3. Add in a little salt if the butter doesn't cut it for ya!


  1. Very well written blog and a must try recipe for mums with fussy eaters.

    1. Thank you. Do make it and let me know if the little one liked it :-)

  2. Very nicely written. Sounds very easy to make and yummy too!


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