Monday, 18 May 2015

Mango Kulfi (Indian Mango Ice Cream)

Well the Summers have hit the Indian sub-continent like a blast furnace, the heat is oooooooonnnnnn..... but that doesn't mean we cant cool it down in our own way!

Summers have brought us the goodness known and loved by the aam aadmi, but in itself aam by no means, the not so humble aam!, Mango ya know ;-)

And though I completely side with the "eat mangoes as they are and do not tinker with them" junta, Mango kulfi's are in a league of their own!

Mango kulfis instantly transport me back to a bygone era, when I was a three year old, piggy tailed wide eyed bebe, tip toeing to the reach the kitchen counter, to see my granny create magic with pureed mangoes, milk and manna from heaven (a can of condensed milk)

Here is my ode to my loving granny.

Yield: 8 kulhads (clay glasses)

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